Facebook Marketing : Strategies to Improve Sales Tricks on Facebook

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For online businesses would have been familiar with Facebook marketing.

Facebook is a popular social media with the number of users was fantastic. So do not be surprised if a lot of people who use Facebook to do the promotion or sale of products and services online.

Many who have tasted success, but many also fail.

Well, I hope I hope you include people who are successful.

Agreed right.

Before discussing more about Facebook marketing, our first acquaintance with this one marketing strategy.

Overview of Facebook Marketing
In short, Facebook marketing can be defined as a marketing technique and sale of products or services by using Facebook.

Promotion strategies practiced this one quite easily, with low cost and also reach a wider customer.

More delicious again, we can perform targeted promotion, so the conversion rate will be much higher obtained.

Before the start.

There are a few things that you must meet.

First, you must have a website.

If you want to sell products online, it is advisable to have a website.

Supposing a website is a place where you sell. While social media is an employee you hire.

So the main task is the promotion of social media and direct visitors to your website.

Second, create a special Facebook account.

Create a new Facebook account specifically for businesses. Then Add friend who targeted so that your promotions more effective.

Do not direct promotion, but woke up first interaction with your Facebook friends.

If both of the above is you meet, it's time to run our primary mission is practiced Facebook marketing techniques.

Step By Step Techniques Facebook Marketing

1 # Setting Account
I assume that you can create a Facebook account. So we just setting the stage for that sale you can reach many people.

Fill in your details as completely as possible in the profile section

Make sure the settings of your status "public", aims to be more and more people see the status of your share.

Use a profile photo with a picture of an attractive and clear

2 # Add Friends Targeted

In order for our promotion on Facebook can bring a lot like, share, and sales, then one way is to make friends with people who are interested in your product or your business.

This is called targeted add friends that is looking for a friend on Facebook who are passionate about your business or your product.

Here's how:

Typing a keyword in the search Facebook. Suppose you sell health products, so typing the word "health" and click search.

Select the tab page and find some popular pages (character a lot like, share and comment)

Add people who commented or those who like and share

Further to the groups tab and find some of the popular group then join

Add the group members, prioritizing those who often comment or ask

Well, let you avoid account blocking facebook then limit the number of add friends every day. Add a maximum of 100 people per day.

3 # Build Branding
Yes, the next step after the add friends targeted is to introduce who you are? What your business? and what products will you sell?.

It aims to be a friend you just add before knowing if you are selling a product they are interested.

But, do not let you direct sale yes.

Building a brand is different from the promotion.

Objectives we just tell them who we are and what we are selling.

You do this by sharing tips or articles that are relevant to your products and your business.

Suppose you sell a "slimming".

You can share tips or articles relating to the slimming products, such as diet tips, weight loss tips, special diet or healthy food.

Make creative as possible.

Educate them with the content.

Oh yes, the occasional slip articles that somewhat eccentric, funny, and entertaining. You'll be getting familiar with your new friends on Facebook.

4 # Do not Sell Expensive
Do not get me wrong before. I mean who do not sell expensive products, but your attitude on Facebook.

Certainly not often you see people who sell on Facebook, but when many are asking in the comments even ignored, in PHP-in just like that.

Kan pain, hehe.

If you are asked continuously ignored how it feels? certainly disappointed right.

Well, that's what we must avoid.

Not to make them not to buy just because you do not respond to their questions.

It's a silly thing, but there are still online businesses do.

From now on, pay attention to prospective customers, if anyone asks sure you respond quickly and appropriately.

Remember the quote below.

Often people buy not because the products are needed, but because I liked the way you behave and speak the word.

5 # Post Evidence
One of the best form of promotion is to show proof of business activity, such as testimonials, image delivery products, and so forth.

This will make the reader curious and want to know the products you sell. In addition, posting evidence also increase conversion rates and promotional effectiveness.

You should try it.

The initial step to begin is asking for testimonials from customers of your product.

Can be through chat, sms, or video.

Later testimony earlier post on Facebook and include photos of your products.

6 # Share 
I think everybody would like it if given something free. Moreover, if it is free to be useful, it would have a lot of people like you.

Like in the sense of respect and care about the business you are in.

The more people who care about your business then it will be easier to develop.

Well, it can also be used as a powerful marketing strategy Facebook to solicit buyers.

You can distribute an ebook, product samples, free trial, or others related to your business.

Suppose you sell a "slimming", then you can distribute ebooks related to the product, such as "ebook diet", "natural slimming ebook", etc.

.. Or you can also share samples of your product for free to a few potential customers on Facebook.

7 # Use FansPage Facebook
One excellent feature Facebook is widely used online business is a Facebook page (Facebook page).

The Facebook page allows you to promote your business specific and targeted mainly Facebook Marketing.

You can create as many pages at once in one Facebook account, so that means you do not need to create a new Facebook account to your other businesses.

Facebook Page is different from the Facebook profiles (Facebook account).

The difference is:

Promotion features a more complete

Could have more than 5,000 friends and fans, in contrast to the Facebook account that is only limited to 5000 friends.

Forms of friendship in the Facebook Page classified as a passive means you can not directly add friends to your Facebook Page, but it should make me-like a Facebook Page you first.

Facebook Page can be added by using the features of third-party add-on applications

Can have more than one admin

Feature complete analystic

To create a Facebook Page, can directly access the following address: http://facebook.com/pages/create

Well, later more and more fans or like on Facebook Page you will increasingly broad reach and conversions you get.

So your task after creating a Facebook Page is to bring as much as possible to like the Facebook Page.

Here's how:

Wearing facebook advertising (pay)

Using a box like that in the paste to your website

Using embed post

Using email signatures

Invite them manually from Facebook Page

… and many more.

8 # Content Marketing Facebook
Previously I've been vividly discussed the strategy for marketing content (read: marketing content strategy to blow up the traffic and sales).

Well, not much different from that applied marketing content on your blog or website. Content marketing Facebook also have the same points.

Facebook for marketing content, the goal is more focused on improving the interaction between the content that you post to those who see it.

Forms of interaction such as like, share, and comment.

Well, the more interaction your post will then quickly become viral and the impact of sales increases.

One powerful way to boost interaction in Facebook is granting trigger sentence at the end of the posting. Suppose you want your post much like, then you can add a clause like this in the description of the post:

"Like before dong this status"

"Like if yes vote"

"Like if you agree"

"Like if you have ever experienced"

… and others.

Meanwhile, if you want to share a lot of your posts, you can add the following sentence:

"Share if helpful"

"Share for requiring"

"Share used dong"

"Help share ya"

… and others.

If you want to post many comments it can be added to a sentence like the following:

"Its still confused, please comment"

"Please input and criticism yes"

"If you want to ask-nanya please comment"

"That may not agree with the comment"

SUCCESS was patterned, FAILED also patterned.

That's some Facebook marketing strategies that you can practice. Good luck…

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Online Site Linking Muslimah Apparel Export To Different Countries

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Indonesia's IT world today is growing rapidly with the emergence of various startup and also some programmers are qualified. And one startup that is developing and growing is Azzam Trade which is a platform that connects Muslim clothing exports to the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Australia.

In addition to the rapid development that has begun, which is the creation of Azzam Trade Melati Dayang has been successfully selected as the winner of Startup selection phase of World Cup 2016 Indonesia held Fenox Venture Capital-Agency Creative Economy in Bandung, Tuesday (26/07/2016). So how did the story of a new startup Trade Azzam initiated beginning in 2016 itself? Here's his review.

Make Azzam Trade As Intermediaries
Azzam Trade marketplace concept itself is an intermediary or broker that connects buyers and sellers of commodities Muslim clothing at the global level. So with this platform there will be Muslim clothing exports conducted by Azzam Trade to the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Australia. Although initially Dayang said he wanted to make Azzam Trade as trade liaison for all kinds of goods, but in the end he would prefer Muslim fashion products for their business.

Selection of Muslim fashion products by the ladies themselves as supported by the operational area of ​​Bandung is known as a creative city center are both producers and fashion Muslim hijab featured in the country. From this Dayang feel troubled in getting the manufacturer, supplier, or Muslim fashion designers of his place in the windy city.

Online Platform to Support Colleagues and Dayang Experience
At this online store itself is seen only displaying models of Muslim clothing, which consists of the hijab, the Muslim fashion men and women, as well as Muslim swimwear. To run this business alone, founder Azzam Trade namely Dayang Jasmine assisted by two colleagues. Dayang himself before founding Trade Azzam she has had a lot of work experience and college years in Malaysia and Singapore.

Well this is where Dayang able to master many languages ​​such as Arabic, English and Malay. Platorm who have known Azzamtrade.com site has also established partnerships with some of the people as representatives of business in the state of exporters and importers. This is an increasingly making Azzam Trade more believable.

Elected Representative Bandung
Of all the growth and development of this online store later this startup elected as a representative of Bandung. Trade Azzam election itself according to Sugeng Santoso as Director of the Non-Banking Access Creative Economy Agency because Azzam Trade including startup that offers ideas and technology-based solutions to a problem of global scale.

Azzam Trade of the election is then Dayang and the team will be excluded from the national competition in the final round in Jakarta on August 23, 2016. From here Azzam trade will also have to compete with other startup of several areas such as Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and other cities.

The winner of the competition will be re-competed in the global competition with eleven other countries such as Japan, Israel, China, Czech Republic, Chile, India, Australia, Taiwan, and other countries. In this competition final judging will be conducted on March 24, 2017 in Silicon Valley with a total grand prize of US $ 1 million or around Rp14 billion.

Wins Wildcard in the Startup World Cup
Having escaped the national selection, Azzam Trade was also successful to be champion in title Startup World Cup (SWC) Creative Economy-body (BEKRAF) in a roadshow in the city of Bandung. In the competition that was held on Tuesday (07/26/2016) The Trade Azzam beat competitors like Kanaka, who offers gold investment platform, as well as bridging Mandala difficulties in obtaining sponsorship in events on campus.

In this competition alone jury held by Jeff Quigley, manager Fenox Venture Capital (VC Fenox) for the Southeast Asian region. In addition to Jeff, there are also Fadjar Hutomo who is Deputy access BEKRAF Capital CEO Arif Urbanindo Tirta, as well as CEO of Tinker Games Muhammad Ajie Santika be jury.

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How The Broker Pays Trader Get The Win

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It is no question of Bung Arraxen, more details like this: "Sir, where ya money from the broker to pay traders who wins? My friend who told me, the money from the trader who lost for paying the win. If all traders on winning, could well donk SCAM broker. Then, if such a scheme, is not like gambling in a casino, Kang? If according to you, is actually how the system turnover in the forex world anyway? Please enlightenment. "
Wow, this is very difficult question to be answered scientifically and accountable. There are at least two answers I as the "unscientific": First, Lha wong I never treasurer or someone who works for a brokerage where brokers were asked to pay. Secondly, I was asked about the velocity of money forex system in the world, LHA I also never studied at the faculty of economics, and my job is just a trader, I was not concerned turnaround money muter-muter like what?

Well, to answer to you, I do not want air-scientific. If one scientifically ya let "the clever" can help you for the answers to Br. This Arraxen, then corrected my answer. Enak right?

The velocity of money in the forex world
For Br. Arraxen, I will try to answer your questions here as a trader. I hope you agree. I'll start "nggedebuz" ya, I'll explain on the issues that I consider easy first, (said my teacher in school anyway, not sequence it's okay) if by gw seh ...... (he hehe he) just try a comparison with the prices of all brokers on average the same, the difference most fitting spike wrote, of all traders also are not all loss, there also could be made trading for living, you know ....

As far as I know (the results read and read of course) the market price determined by the market economies of the world ... (please corrections if any)

Because there is need of an answer scientifically, then I quote only from wikipedia.org. Hopefully this can scientifically explain it to you. Complete this:

"The foreign exchange market is a unique market because:
  • volume of trade
  • a very big market liquidity
  • the number and variety of traders in the foreign exchange market
  • Geographical spread
  • periods of their trade 24 hours a day (except weekends)
  • a variety of factors that affect exchange rates
According to BIS, the average foreign exchange market turnover world per day estimated worth $ 3.21 trillion, which is divided into:
  • $ 1,005 billion in spot transactions
  • $ 362 billion in market forward contract (forward contract)
  • $ 1,714 billion in the swap market
  • $ 129 billion estimated as the difference in reporting
In addition to outside turnaround "traditional", amounting to $ 2.1 trillion traded in the derivatives market.

Foreign currency contracts were introduced in 1972 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is growing rapidly in recent years, but the volume is still only 7% of the total volume of the foreign exchange market trading.

According to data from the International Financial Services, London (IFSL), the overall daily turnover of traditional foreign exchange markets reached an average of 2.7 billiun total value of US dollar in April 2006. The estimate is based on data the middle years of the Committee of Foreign Exchange (Foreign Exchange Committee ) in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.

With the OTC (over the counter) as the traditional market of foreign exchange trading, a lot of foreign exchange markets that are interconnected with each other where different currencies are traded, thus indirectly means that "there is no single rate currency but the dollar exchange rate varies depending on what bank or market players are transacting ". But in practice the difference is often very thin.

The main trading centers are in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore, but banks throughout the world participate. Foreign exchange trading occurs throughout the day. If the Asian markets ended the European market opened and by the time the European markets ended the American market starts and return again to the Asian markets, except on weekends.

There is little or no "insider trading" or information "insiders" (Insider trading) that occurred in the foreign exchange market. Fluctuation in currency exchange rates are usually caused by actual monetary flows as well as by expectations of monetary flows caused by changes in the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP / GDP), inflation, interest rates, the draft budget and trade deficits or trade surpluses, merger and acquisition and other macroeconomic conditions. Major news is released to the public, so that more people can access the same news at the same time. However, the large banks have an important advantage; they can see 'order flow "currency from customers.

The currency traded with each other and each pair is a separate product such as EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD and others. Factor in one currency such as the USD will affect the market value of the USD / JPY and GBP / USD, this is a correlation between USD / JPY and GBP / USD.

On the spot market, according to research conducted by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the product most commonly traded is
  • EUR / USD - 28%
  • USD / JPY - 18%
  • GBP / USD (also called sterling or cable) - 14%
and the US currency was "involved" in 89% of transactions, followed by the euro (37%), the yen (20%) and Pound Sterling (17%).

Although trading in the euro has grown considerably since the currency's creation in January 1999, the US dollar still dominates the foreign exchange market. For instance, trading the euro versus a non-European currency (XXX) will usually involve two trades: EUR / USD and USD / XXX, the exceptions only trade EUR / JPY which is the currency pair is still traded on the spot market interbank."

Whew, different to that which "scientific" talk? More mantaaaaap. Well, how the system is the velocity of money in the forex world? Answer me like that. If I ngepek / njiplak still wrong, yo love grades 6 wrote not pa pa. It was counted wages I wrote a post, run out of cigarettes 3 bars and a coffee glass. He he he he.

About Broker.
I believe, you've a lot to learn about forex brokers menu, I do not need to give you some more salt together. But I want to convey is not turning the broker-twiddling our money, our time of loss or profit, the broker still profit. Already sma-Wela Wela, for a major currency, forex broker can in fact all of the spread. Well for example for eur / usd, they love us spread: 2, now they can profit from the spread.

For forex, forex trader we are connected with the whole world, right there that buy and sell, if we sell, there must be other traders who buy, all the process is so fast through the internet, so the broker was not a loss.

The fight between broker and trader, if brokers do that, have a lot of news about the scam the broker on the internet, so do not prejudice the broker first, if we loss, so it's our fault.

If all like that, would not no such thing INDONESIA STOCK EXCHANGE, had their first protested by Muslims archipelago. Now if the index as Hangseng, hard broker can profit from the spread, because of the center spread has been determined, so they use the commission, for example, 500 thousand each lot, now their income from it. So the broker was no loss. So instead of turning the money broker customers. If we loss or profit, the broker still profit. Sorry if wrong in this benerin, uncles that clever ...

Well, if you followed your question, I definitely seide with your questions too. You may answer, "Iyach sich, I know of a broker can spread. I mean the graphics ngerakin it loh ... News OK understood, graphic analysis I think almost every trader must know ... that graphic silent sich know ... just in case again on ... hm ... confused as well. Often times you and I think, really clever huh system understand my mind, and they (graphic) is always opposite to what I think.

For example: in the lock (eh ... up and down in price even locking.

diavaraging (basic disposable fibo) still translucent also .... from the support 1, to support 3 ... continue ...

You will agree with me, to be a successful trader must beat yourself, Trader Psychology factor (fear, greed, etc) plays an important role, can move prices is important you know .... and again we must follow the direction of the market (do against), but mostly for beginners precisely the opposite market trader must follow the direction ... he ... he ... perhaps most lacking a comprehensive analysis so too subjectively yes.

If my own anyway, I prefer to focus on our own account rather than tired ngurusin broker. I believe that paying our trade when winning is the broker. From where? Certainly from the broker profits, if yes losses already closed and not pay again deh. Well broker profits from? Ah, already described above ta ... what is your question again? He he he he .. If anyone believes that what we bayarin (trader wins) taken from traders that loss, and how to explain that in the market is not just a trader. There are many actors in forex, such as the Central Bank, companies and individuals, investors and speculators, dealers, commercial banks, and others. If I am asked to explain all this ... wow ... a better time to trade hunt for dollars, did not? Or no one wants to answer ...? Or disagree with me? Ha ha ha ha ha ....

Fun is also a discussion nih ... I was again alone, but it tastes like candy ... "crowded".

Okay I understand, the one, indeed a lot of my friends are always asking newbie "The broker pays his money where ya? What other members of the loss of money? If the example of the other members just wrote the forex dong battle between members. So ya mo dijeblesin each member by member broker? Sometimes you will also think, in fact who it is in the foreign exchange market ... Really everything trader? or there is a battle between the trader vs broker? If we analyze, in terms of any time frame, there should be a trend we already suspected ... But actually who makes the trend? Is it really the market, traders or anyone yach ... What often happens is this: Good news, eh ... graph down. we expect to rise, nah loh actually dropped. Is this a job broker, because they know that many Open long positions, the price drop down ... lhooo

I, also can ask things like this, get me a newbie too ... So clever when they told me to ask. If asked to answer, my first message, "do not make difficult, difficult question! He he he he.

While no one answered, "I still think it is gerakin speculators .... Many people analyze that good news, the market will go up ... automatically many people put the position in accordance beriita ...., nah speculators think the opposite ... because many people put the position in accordance news the speculators instead put the position turned with the news .... speculator does not mean that an individual player yes ... they were usually the team (if in stock usually called a fryer) and even can be backed up by institutional funds so ga ketulung magnitude ... But so wedge ... how much funding is needed to drive the market?

For Additional Info:
In the world of trading, commonly known terms:
Buy on rumor sell on news
Well this is used speculators

While traders generally use the handle:
"Buy on news" While at the time of their OP speculators even Close. So for speculators was stronger in the fund will be aligned to the auto market speculators .... It's their answer, if one so straighten them. Who are they, so anyone who believes like that. He he he he he

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What it is Scalping Strategy, Beneficial or Detrimental?

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In the technical term forex scalping strategy. Is it scalping strategy? Scalping can mean trading conditions very short period of time, eg, 1 minute, 5 minutes. Usually very low scalping target of under 10 pips, usually 5-7 pips only. Scalping is a trading strategy that is popular in the foreign exchange market. Many traders use this as their primary method of trading. With scalping, you use a short-term method. You enter the market quickly and get out quickly as well.
The good news ... you can make a big profit with a small step. This is scalping. The bad news? Whoa, wait ...! hehehe

For scalper, timing is everything ....

A trader scalping, scalper ... should be able to choose the right moment to enter the market and out as well when appropriate. Taking a little pips / points to the results that may be large. If a day trader or swing trader're not so, they take dozens or even hundreds of pips pips.

Suppose the price moves 15 pips movement in a specific direction for one minute. then back 7 pips, back and forth in the same candle for 3 minutes. Well, scalping strategy to be used at a time like that. Scalper should be able to make the right decision in entering the market because it's really just going to take a little pip profit. Trading with smaller time frame, as this may affect the probability. Scalper in and out in minutes, the time frame is also shorter between 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes.

However, it must be considered by a scalper, the same rules that are used in technical analysis, by looking at a larger time frame to apply to take trading decisions.

But in my opinion, scalping strategy is not suitable for beginners. This technique is very risky trading techniques. Entries that are not on time can cause a great loss. Because the technique of scalping strategy usually will ignore the element of risk management, to maximize profits.

In addition, because the time frame look shorter, often appearing false signal because the time frame used is very short. This situation becomes difficult to make trading decisions determining take positions.

Then the broker issue, many market maker does not allow scalping. Ever happens, I hear-hear anyway ... there is a big profit trader but ultimately could not in WD even confiscate all the money and close the account. The broker does prohibit scalping, even given a warning, but risked only nih trader. Who is wrong then?

Well now already know some advantages and disadvantages of trading with scalping strategies. Passable understand my friend?

From the description above: We know this type of scalping strategy has several advantages, but also accompanied with some dangers.

The benefits:
  1. Limit the risk. With a quick, short trading strategy has a value of stop loss is small and therefore can certainly protect your assets better (if the rules are not violated stoploss)
  2. Make a quick profit. With this stratgei you can make huge profits in a very short time (if you know what you should do).
The danger:
  1. Require high accuracy. With this type of strategy you should have a very high percentage of profit. Because every trade brings pip gains are only small. If SL placed slightly, from the broker there may also be rules should not be ... Maybe do cut loss, but the price also need room to move. If in cutting losses continued to be depleted tuh your assets. Well, you must be an expert in analyzing to trading with this strategy. And certainly it takes time and flight hours. You should immediately take losses quickly. Yes, because it needs a scalper mindset that big profits in little pip, so use a large volume of course; if left in a state of loss ... the danger too.
  2. Take losses quickly - Just like you can make a quick profit with this type of trading methods, you can also lose your profits quickly. If the market is against you, you really can lose a lot of money in a day.
Please be studied further ...!

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If There Brexit or If The UK Stays in The European Union, Brexit or Bremain ?

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Tomorrow, June 23, 2016, the British people will cast their votes to decide the fate of Britain's membership in the European Union. Until now, the poll results showed the intense competition among voters who want Britain out of the European Union (Brexit) and a faction that wants Britain to remain in the European Union membership. 2nd option is later called "Bremain", an acronym of "British Remains".
Actually for forex traders, is more important is what the trading strategy that can be used after this referendum. Therefore, this time we will review some strategies that you might consider.


Whether GBP will be hit if the UK out of the EU?

There are some important points regarding this:
  • Bank of England (BoE) will probably be dovish, and this will put pressure on GBP
  • There would likely be a step to weaken the GBP with the aim of increasing exports to protect the UK economyGBP / USD and GBP / JPY pair is likely to be the most attractive
If there Brexit, you must carefully choose the currency pair will be traded. Even to transact any pair involving GBP you have to do an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each currency.

Here are some scenarios that might pair can give a pretty good chance if there Brexit.

GBP / JPY: Bearish Potential
For most traders, GBP considered riskier currencies while the safe-haven JPY is. Then it is likely that the reaction will be experienced in the event Brexit GBP quite clear: risk-off sentiment is expected to rise so that the JPY will likely strengthen against the GBP.

The yen may also add more pressure to the GBP / JPY as the currency has been acting as a safe-haven. Market uncertainty will likely make the market "run" into yen.

Thus, if there Brexit, GBP / JPY is likely to move down.

GBP / USD: Bearish Potential
The pound will be affected for the same reasons as above. Meanwhile, the USD has rallied because there is a potential Fed will raise interest rates at least twice this year, with the possibility of the first hike will be in July.

If Brexit case, GBP / USD is likely to move down.


There are also some important points in this regard:
  • If the camp "Bremain" won, the automatic uncertainty "Brexit" will disappear.
  • Within a few months before Brexit, sterling depressed, although strong in the final moments after the murder of Jo Cox, British MP pro-EU.
  • There is a chance of recovery pounds. Similar results were seen post-referendum Scotland.
  • In addition to the GBP / USD, GBP / AUD is also expected to be quite attractive.
For GBP / USD, a significant potential which will happen most likely is bullish / ride, which is the opposite of the scenario Brexit. However, remember that the Federal Reserve likely to raise interest rates in July, so it is possible bullish movement GBP / USD will not be too long.

As for the GBP / AUD, estimated to potentially bullish / ride. This pair is the most widely traded in the market when the issue Brexit erupted. Loss of uncertainty will potentially profitable Brexit pounds, especially the AUD has been proven to be the best currency to be sold with GBP. Australia to cutbacks in interest rates by the Reserve Bank of Australia recently, AUD proved bearish in at least the past six weeks.

Moreover, Australia is a trading partner of China which is experiencing an economic slowdown. It is, in the medium term, will likely weigh on the Aussie.

Nonetheless, the market remains that determines how to effect the referendum against price movements. The market may not agree with our analysis. In other words, it is still prepared to be any possibility. Use capital management and risk management well and adjust the power of your capital.

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Strategy Using Support, Resistance And Trendline

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Okay, in the Elementary Classroom level you have to learn the basics of technical analysis ranging from support, resistance and trend line. Channel itself is the development of a trend line. Now, we will learn strategies seize market opportunities based on the fundamentals of the technical analysis.
Before we proceed, remember that basically trend line and channel also is support and resistance. At the time of down trend, the trend line serves as resistance. Conversely, when the uptrend, trend line serves as support.

Basically, there are two strategies that we can apply based on support and resistance. The first is called "bounce trading", the second is called "trading breakout".

Bounce trading
There was also a call as "swing trading". This trading method utilizes a "reflection" price when the price has reached a support or resistance and bounced from there. The illustration below will explain what is meant by this trading bouce.

Essentially you wait no reflection on the area of ​​support or resistance for trading. Why not conduct a proper sell at resistance or buy right on support? Because you need some kind of confirmation that the support or resistance is not translucent. It could be the price movement up or down so sharply and quickly to the right through the support or resistance. Well, sort of reflection that is the sign that the level of support or resistance is still strong.

Breakout trading
In the world of trading, the support and resistance will not last forever. At one time these levels will definitely be translucent. At such times you can still try to find opportunities with a strategy called breakout trading. Brekaout trading strategy is one hundred percent different from a trading bounce. If the trading bounce bounce you wait to buy or sell, on a breakout strategy you instead utilize support and resistance break with the assumption that the break of support or resistance tends to be followed by a rally.

The illustration below depicts breakout trading strategy by utilizing the break of support or resistance.

The strategy described above is an aggressive strategy, in which the transactions are performed immediately after getting confirmation break of support or resistance level. Yep, once again the confirmation needed to take action.

A support or resistance is considered transparent if it meets at least one of the following two things:
  1. If you are using a candlestick chart, then the body of the candlestick should be cut / pierce support or resistance line.
  2. In the event of a breakout, an increase in volume. The more significant improvement, then it is considered more valid breakout. Regarding this volume, we will discuss later.
Well, that was the breakout trading strategy that is aggressive. But there are traders who choose to wait for further confirmation. Confirmation confirmation again ... again ... maybe that's what you are thinking now. Get used to it, because you will be a lot of repeat these words throughout your trip jungle go through this challenging trading.

Class of traders who do not aggressively implemented a breakout strategy is rather conservative. To be more easy, we call it conservative breakout strategy. How does this conservative strategy?

This conservative strategy actually merges breakout breakout and bounce trading strategy. Here's the story. ...

When the breakout has been confirmed, you do not immediately take a position to buy or sell a breakout strategy as aggressive, but you wait occurs "pullback" back to the area of ​​support or resistance. After the pullback, you wait longer occurs reflection of the level of support or resistance. Only then you perform a transaction to buy or sell.

Complicated huh? Actually, not really. Make it easier to understand, we have prepared an illustration to describe this strategy.

Good strategy breakout aggressive or conservative has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you use a breakout strategy is aggressive, your benefits are immediate entry and you can not miss "moments". But of course, this strategy has its drawbacks. Suppose that you have a sell immediately when support breaks, but in fact prices rose again and was back into the support earlier.

Well, the conservative strategy has the advantage in that regard. By using this strategy, you're likely to get caught is smaller as you wait for a pullback ahead and seek confirmation of reflection. But keep in mind also that the pullback NOT ALWAYS HAPPEN after the breakout. This is where the weakness of the conservative strategy, ie you will potentially lose the opportunity to entry because it was already running.

Every trader has a different style. You can decide whether you are going to be the aggressive or the Conservatives. For the patient, a conservative strategy might be appropriate for you to apply. However if you are a private agile and like the challenge, may be more appropriate to use an aggressive strategy. Please select according to your personality.

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Key to Success in Online Forex Trading

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Being a part-time forex trader is one surefire way to supplement your income, no matter what your employment background. You can still bertransaki the right time to trade in the money market.

Key to Success in Online Forex Trading
The key to successful online forex trading is to focus on one currency pair and use strategies that do not require time-consuming monitoring. Trading using the robot will probably be one of the best ways to achieve this, especially for new traders or those who have limited trading experience.

1. Find the Right Currency
Although the online forex trading can be done 24 hours a day in a week, we can choose when to transact. Depending on the currency pair that you do.

For traders who want to use a mini account or a novice trader who does not have the experience it is advisable to use the US dollar as the currency pair to trade. Even experienced traders are also, more people choose to trade using the US currency against other foreign currencies, eg: EUR / USD; USD / JPY; GBP / USD; USD / CHF; USD / CAD.

For part-time traders who are more experienced then the currency pair moves below offers a good example: EUR / GPB; EUR / JPY; EUR / CHF.

If you have limited time to trade it is advisable to use the pair EUR / USD to trade for the currency pairs most often traded and have a lot of information available in print, television and internet media.

2. Search Robot Trading
Part time trader can choose a trading robot to make transactions. There are a variety of automated trading robot programs available in the market. Some robots might be able to monitor the price of a currency with real time and use that can automatically order book position.

Some automated robot program offers a "plug and play" capability with a simple and easy to part-time or novice trader trading. It's in one of the major benefits of using automated robots are: discipline, and does not involve emotions.

3. Lust Control and Discipline
For those of you who choose to trade manually without relying on automated robotic system, the use of discipline and control appetite will be crucial to success. Part time trader advised to close positions when obtaining huge profits.

A high level of discipline must-have especially when price is moving quickly to make the price potentially will turn around immediately. Trailing stop and stop order can be used to protect your capital against the market price reversal is often sudden.

Part time trader in forex trading is a matter of discipline and emotional control. It is advisable to use the right currency. For beginners, the automated trading robot program is probably the best way to get into online forex trading, at least until you become more familiar with the character of the market.

Aspects of investment or speculation, it will not guarantee you will benefit. However, intelligence, knowledgeable, and experienced will create the opportunity to earn better profits.

Part time trader who have little or no experience are advised to start trading with small money, by opening a mini forex account, which requires an initial deposit in the $ 500 range.

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